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Step 5: Filling in technical ETIM Features

Filling in the technical feature values is a labour-intensive step in the ETIM Classification. When the technical features have been filled in according to the classification, the data can be used by wholesalers as a basis for search systems, web shops, catalogue and other commercial communications. In addition, optimum use can be made of your data in all business processes, design, calculation, purchasing and administration of the processors.

A distinction is made between alphanumerical, numerical, range and logical features. For alphanumerical features, there is a choice of fixed possible values such as colour, design, material. Numerical and range features require a numerical value (or range) with some unit, such as length = ... mm. A logical feature lets you choose only between yes and no.

Once published, feature values cannot be deleted. If an incorrect feature value is published it can be overwritten with a new mutation or complete publication.

Reason no Value

Since the industry strives for fully completed ETIM Classification (for both product classes and features), a reason can be given if a requested value is missing (MV), not applicable (NA) or unknown (UN). This is called “Reason No Value”.

PIM Software

Your products may not yet be classified according to the ETIM Classification. If your software does not offer functionality in the area of ETIM Classification, we recommend that you look into this with our software partners..


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