What does 2BA offer?

Roadmap for Manufacturer

Your first steps towards optimum data distribution through 2BA!

Common vision

2BA is keen to continue to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of its data customers - your customers - as best it can. This is only possible when manufacturers or their importers/agents submit their data to 2BA according to a common vision. With this roadmap to guide the delivery of your product data, 2BA meets this need of all manufacturers.

Steps to follow

2BA will guide you in taking the steps below for submitting your product and trade information to the 2BA Data Pool. We will take you through the following steps:

To publish product data, several delivery routes are possible. In short, the delivery process is as follows:

  1. Delivery of product and/or trade data
  2. Verification of data through processing reports
  3. Release/reject processing for online publication

Data Responsibility

The manufacturer is the source of its product data as distributed through the 2BA data pool and is responsible for it at all times. Digital product and price information occupies an increasingly important place in your customers’ business processes and therefore requires the necessary attention.

The data user (wholesaler and end user), on the other hand, is responsible for maintaining and keeping it up to date in their own software system and the proper deployment of the received data..