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Using the online search engine "Unifeed", time standards can be visually selected and imported into a software package (ERP / CAD). This search engine can be invoked from, or even within your application. It is also possible to supply certain search parameters up front, like an ETIM profile, product- or article number etc. This will allow the time standards search engine to automatically offer the most relevant time standards. By using the so-called "interfaces" a time standard can be "imported" into the application.

Possible use-cases

Searching for a Time Standard associated with a recently imported product/article

  1. Select a product or article using Unifeed and import it into your ERP / CAD package (for more information about importing an article/product via Unifeed, see "Unifeed - Interfaces")
  2. Start the Timestandards browser, supplying the GLN+Artikelcode or GLN+Productcode (see "startup parameters" below)
    (time standards browser automatically selects the most relevant time standards)
  3. Import the time standard into the ERP / CAD package

CTN Impressie

Searching for a time standard without a product/article

  1. Start the Timestandards browser, optionally supplying a search query
  2. Filter by format (chapter, paragraph etc)
  3. Choose the desired time standard and import it into the ERP / CAD package


Startup parameters

The time standards browser can be invoked via: 


Parameter DescriptionExample
q Keyword, free text  q=buisradiator
gln Filter by supplier (only if combined with productcode or tradeitemid)


productcode Filter by manufacturer's product code, only if combined with gln  gln=2220000004534&productcode=01841108
tradeitemid Filter by supplier's article code, only if combined with gln  
etimprofile Filter by ETIM Profile. Structure:

class EtimProfile
	public string ClassId { get; set; }
	public List Features { get; set; }

class EtimFeature
	public string FeatureId { get; set; }
	public decimal? NumericValue { get; set; }
	public decimal? RangeValueLower { get; set; }
	public decimal? RangeValueUpper { get; set; }
	public string AlphanumericValue { get; set; }
	public bool? LogicalValue { get; set; }


etimprofile={ClassId: EC011389, Features: [{FeatureId: EC006272, NumericValue: 50}]}

interface Interface (see Unifeed - Interfaces) to import time standards, the value supplied should be 8 interface=8
interfaceType Type of the interface between Unifeed and the application; only JSON, JSONGET or JSONPOST allowed. See Unifeed - Interfaces for more details interfaceType=JSON





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