Selection Output Method


This method collects the complete current assortment per selection line. The data is collected without taking into account the mutation date set at profile level. This includes: orderable or current article range from the selected supplier.


This method collects changes per selection line from the specified mutation date or the last download date of the exported files. This includes: changes supplied by supplier on articles and/or products depending on the selection method.


This method collects the complete current article range per selection line. Added to this is also the expired assortment (products with status code expired en deleted articles within the 2BA datapool. As a result, you will receive a file of products and/or articles that are or have ever been in the article range of the supplier(s). Please note: the PAB format does not support status code expired and this is an optional setting in your selectionprofile.

The data is collected without taking into account the change date set at profile level. After output, the Profile's Output Method is automatically converted to Transactions. Subsequently, the mutation date of the profile level is again leading.CAUTION! Can become a very large file. This includes:
  • current article and product range available from the supplier
  • expired products and deleted articles from the supplier. Expired products are products that are deleted by the supplier. Suppliers remove products that are no longer produced, but the data will remain for product history and serve as an informative record for referring trade item records from suppliers.


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