What does 2BA offer?

2BA Unifeed

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Unifeed provides a user interface to quickly search and filter within the 2BA Data Pool. In addition, Unifeed offers a variety of opportunities to transfer product and/or trading data through Web services to, for example, the calculation or ordering software. In combination with the Online Condition Server, net price information and/or stock information can be displayed based on condition rules.

Unifeed features:

  • More than 4 million product records
  • With more than 23 million trade records
  • Of over 150 affiliated wholesalers
  • Of over 530 data providers from approximately 1,200 manufacturers

Unifeed is a part of the 2BA DaaS reference architecture. For an impression of how the Unifeed search engine works in combination with a calculation program, the 2BA demonstration program DemoCalc can be started here.