About 2BA


The 2BA infrastructure is hosted from two geographically separate data centres.

Proserve (Dataplace) Alblasserdam

This is the primary location.

Proserve (euNetworks) Amsterdam

This is the secundary location.

The infrastructure is built from quality components (such as HP servers) and relies primarily on Microsoft technologies.

Firewall settings for 2BA

In many situations, all 2BA services will work immediately. For more advanced configurations or strict access management, the following information may be important:

IP-adresses   ( t/m
Ports 80 (http) 443 (https)


The 2BA infrastructure is permanently monitored from remote locations.



Qbit Cybersecurity has performed a penetration test on the 2BA Online Condition Server on behalf of 2BA. The Condition Server allows customers to add their conditions easily and securely to the 2BA data. The Condition Server also adds inventory information for the suppliers that support it. Qbit conducted this Pentest in late 2020, the objective of which was to determine the effectiveness of the security of the 2BA Online Condition Server, Unifeed and the 2BA Web Services API.


While performing the penetration test, Qbit Cybersecurity failed to gain unauthorized access to or breach the security of the 2BA Web Services API. Based on the expertise and experience of Insite Security, the security of the 2BA Webservices API has been assessed as secure, in accordance with the standards, used by the market with similar applications and data.

  • The following factors were considered in the above assessment:
  • The number of findings;
  • The risk of the findings;
  • The likelihood of external abuse;
  • The possibility of external abuse;
  • Privacy sensitive content application.
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